Diabetes Treatment

The Use of Magnetic Therapy to Cure Diabetes

While there is no definitive cure for diabetes, the search for comprehensive treatments for the condition remains constant. Lately, alternative treatments are being preferred in place of traditional medication generally administered for diabetes. Magnetic therapy is one such alternative treatment which may help cure diabetes.

While the effectiveness of magnets to treat diabetes is still under research, there are both- the supporters as well as the critics of the method. The simple theory behind its effectiveness lies in the power of the magnets to heat and move. This quality may help expand blood vessels, thereby improving the blood flow. What's more, magnetic therapy is non evasive and can be used to cure diabetes safely.

Things to remember before opting for magnetic therapy
* Educate yourself about how a magnet may be beneficial to your health and especially to your diabetic condition. Most diabetics experience poor blood circulation in hands and feet characterized by numbness or needle like sensation. Magnets can help the condition by improving the blood flow to the legs and thereby, relieving the swelling.

* The pancreas gland may be stimulated with the help of two magnets placed on the back, above the location of the navel. They should be relatively strong and you should use them twice a day for fifteen minutes every time. They can help increase the insulin quantity produced by the body.

* Drinking 3-4 cups of magnetized water each day can boost the effectiveness of the magnets you place on your back. The water will also increase your blood flow while simultaneously reducing inflammation. Magnetized water may also help in regulating hormones along with blood sugar levels.

* Magnetic insoles for shoes can also help control diabetes. They are widely available and provide great comfort to diabetic patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

* Try walking to do away with any pain. The insole magnet will improve the blood circulation in your feet. Some may even increase the working of natural painkillers present in the body as well as of endorphins.

* Water wand: magnetism absorbed in the blood stream can both- reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. It is also said to help in the detoxification process of the body. 4-6 glasses of magnetized water a day can lower blood sugar levels significantly. Remember to check the levels though.

While magnetic therapy is not a permanent cure, it does has its impact on the mechanism of the peripheral nerves. Additional research is being carried out to check whether it promotes nerve cell regeneration as well or not.

Therefore, while further studies need to be conducted to determine the exact effectiveness of magnetic therapy for diabetes; diabetics definitely have a ray of hope.