Diabetes Treatment

Is Diabetes Treatment Possible Through Chromium

Insulin is the best diabetes care medication but various alternative therapies are available to treat diabetes. You can also opt for Chromium to treat diabetes. Chromium, to treat diabetes is debatable yet is used by many. To know more about it, read Chromium As Treatment.

Chromium is considered as a weight shedding agent and it also helps in glucose tolerance. It is suggested that chromium should be supplemented with other modes of treatment as it helps in controlling diabetes. But, several evidences have proved that chromium actually is not that effective so, doctors say that it can't be recommended for diabetes cure.

Although, chromium is one of the mandatory nutrient for the body and plays a role in metabolic process of glucose and lipid. It's efficacy in lowering blood glucose level have been found incase of patients with Type 2 diabetes. But, blood glucose level in people without diabetes has shown little response towards chromium supplements.

In case of Type 2 patients this increased blood sugar level gets lowered to some extent with consumption of chromium. But, chromium's effect on blood lipids has been found to be nil. It was found ineffective in type 1 diabetes.

Chromium is present in molasses, whole grains, eggs, yeast and beef. These could be consumed in greater amounts to increase chromium intake. But, intake must not exceed one thousand microgram a day. Excess usage may result in complications, particularly related to kidney.