Diabetes Treatment

Is Stem Cell Research The Answer To Diabeties

Diabeties is a grouping of metabolic disorders which interrupts with the normal breakdown of blood sugar due to non production of the hormone insulin and like cancer it's a chronic disease and in most of the cases a fatal one too.

In diabeties, the body is either not able to produce enough Insulin and is not able to regulate the breakdown of the blood sugar in the human body and is normally categorized in two main and one subcategory– Type I, Type II diabeties and Gestational diabeties.

Type I diabeties is also called Juvenile diabeties and it occurs because the human body's autoimmune system does not produce enough insulin to combat the foreign bodies entering the bloodstream. It is caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Stem cells are usually uncoded cells (they don't have a set function or we can say blank cells) which can be transformed into Pancreatic cells to increase the production of Insulin from the Islets in the Beta cells. This type of research is called Stem Cell research and it's going to be the only cure against diabeties in the near future.