Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes May Go Away After Delivery

Are you suffering from Gestational Diabetes? Well, 4 in 100 women who are pregnant have this kind of diabetes infliction. This problem usually begins in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. Wherein, the majority of cases of gestational diabetes go away after the baby's birth.

You must consult endocrinologist for your sugar check. You cannot take any medicines at this crucial period of your life. So always follow the diabetic diet chart very strictly.

If your sugar levels do not lower with initial phase of treatment, your doctor can prescribe you insulin usage. The type and dose of insulin is strictly guided by doctor. Every week you need to check your sugar levels and consult your doctor.

It is necessary to keep your sugar levels under control as it may affect your baby’s growth. The baby delivered could be overweight. It works like this: If you have high blood sugar, your baby has lower blood sugar.

Though, this goes away after the delivery. But there is always a risk of carrying diabetes in your next pregnancy or later in life. So avoid sugar intake from your daily diet and do regular exercising to keep diabetes away.