Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabeties: What Do Pregnant Women Fear

Gestational diabeties only occurs in females during gestation (the period of giving birth). It is mostly a temporary condition which disappears after the pregnancy. But the fetus carries the high chances of having Type I diabeties later on in life. Though it occurs in very few pregnant women, it's highly dangerous for both, the mother and the child as it creates complications during child-birth.

Gestational diabeties is caused by the reason that the mother has to produce 2-3 times the amount of insulin, that she normally produces in an effort to overcome the barrier created by the placenta between her and the baby to take care of both the lives. Gestational diabeties is harmful in childbirth as the baby tends to store the extra sugar as fat in its body and will thus be born fat.

The only way to treat gestational diabeties is to start treatment immediately and try to bring the insulin level up to the mark. It is always advisable to stay under constant supervision of your doctor to avoid any sort of complications.