Type 2 Diabetes

Check Your Waist to Contain Type 2 Diabetes!

Diabetes is an intriguing disease in medical science as experts are still bewildered about its causes and its solution. New stunning revelations in this area of the medical science have raised many an eyebrow. The fact is that so far medical science has not reached to a final and complete solution for the cure of diabetes. As per some stunning findings, waist size can predict whether the person has diabetes or not.
The new studies in recent years have revealed that the size of the waist can predict whether the person has chances to develop the type 2 disease or not. The present method of diagnosis that the doctors use for the type 2 diabetes is the body mass index [BMI]. It is the measurement of weight in relation to the height. This becomes a proper estimate to prove whether the patient has type 2 diabetes or not.

After the BMI index is noted in a person, the doctor advises him how to control the risk factors of diabetes in case it struck the person. The main precautions that the person can take in this case are first of all loose his or her weight. The person also needs to change the patterns in diet.

As per the general prescribed limit by some experts in diabetic studies of medicine, the waist limit in case of a man should not exceed the limit of 40 inches. The upper limit can be a risk factor which can lead to many complications like diabetes, cancer and heart attack. As per the most recent revelations of the medical science, the waist limit has to go down as lower as 34 inches. The waist size that exceeds the limit of 34 inches can prove to be disastrous in the years to come.