Type 2 Diabetes

Rash Skin in Diabetes

When a person suffers from diabetes, he also suffers from some amount of blood circulation problems, which results in various kinds of skin problems especially on the legs. There are several ways to contain this complication including creams and oils through which a person could reduce these problems, but the first and foremost thing is to keep the sugar levels under control to save one self from enhanced skin problems be it rashes, scaliness, discoloration etc.

There are two main kinds of skin conditions related to diabetes. The first one is known as Scleroderma diabeticorum a condition in which the skin gets thicker on the back of the neck and the upper back. Though this is not a very common condition found among the diabetic but is suffered by those suffering from type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes has no particular treatment as one just need to keep the sugar levels in control and can use some moisturizers to get some instant relief.

Vitiligo is the second type of condition in which the skin gets discolored. The color providing pigment of the body gets destroyed resulting in patches which affects mainly the chest and abdomen but can affect the skin around the mouth, eyes and nostrils.

Those people who cannot resist the insulin suffer from another skin problem known as Acanthosis Nigricans, in which the skin at the folds gets darkened and thickened and has a raised velvety effect. This is suffered by mainly those diabetic who are overweight, thus losing weight is the only solution to get relieved.

This type of diabetes brings along some rashes, bumps and blisters. The rashes are of ring or arc shaped and appears on the ears and fingers but can also be found on chest and abdomen and blisters that resemble like burned blisters appear on fingers, hands, toes, feet and heal on their own. They occur mainly to those who have severe diabetes and thus the key word to save oneself from this problem is to keep blood glucose levels under control.