Type 2 Diabetes

Symptoms Type II Diabetes

The common form of diabetes is diabetes type 2. Symptoms may include frequent urination, fatigue or nausea, unusual thirst, blurred vision, weight loss, slow healing of wounds and frequent infections. For more information on "symptoms type II diabetes", read The Symptoms Of Type II Diabetes.

Some of the early warning signs of diabetes are:

1) Excessive thirst
2) Frequent urination
3) Excessive hunger
4) Rapid or sudden weight loss
5) Tiredness and fatigue
6) Irritability

Many symptoms type II diabetes can also be related to other causes. Diabetes test is very easy and the constant presence of one or more of these symptoms over an extended period of time should be the cause for a visit to the doctor. But, the 'minor' symptoms of diabetes type 2 at times go unnoticed and neurological and physical problems may arise, resulting in the following symptoms:

a) Blurred vision
b) Numbness or tingling in the hands and feet
c) Slow healing scratches and wounds
d) Recurrent or hard to treat yeast infections in women
e) Dry or itchy skin

A variety of diabetes medication are available for diabetes cure and various diabetes recipe help in fulfilling diabetes diet requirements.