Type 2 Diabetes

The Symptoms Of Type II Diabetes

When the pancreas produce enough insulin but the same is not used in the body due to some external and metabolic factors the human body develops a type of resistance inconducive for the insulin to work, it leads to type II diabetes. In the long run, it creates a deficiency of Insulin which results in diabetes.

Some of the symptoms normally noticed in Type II diabetes are listed below:

1) Frequent urination mostly at night is the most important symptom but most people neglect it and leave it till late before consulting a doctor.

2) Sudden weight loss. If someone is constantly losing weight without dieting coupled with urination, he/she should consult a doctor immediately.

3) The most common indication that a person has diabetes is when any incurred wound heals slowly, especially in the feet and ankle area.

4) Blurred vision, lack of sensation on the skin and itching of the hands and feet are also some very important symptoms that a person should not ignore and should consult the doctor immediately and get their blood sugar levels checked.

5) Increased thirst can also be an early indication of Type II diabetes especially if it happens during the night.

6) Erectile dysfunction is also another symptom which can predict diabetes in a person.

7) Increasing fatigue especially with no cause is a main indicator that the body is not getting the nutrients and may be diagnosed as Type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is a serious type of diabetes and is caused by genetic and environmental factors and affects 80 to 90 % of the diabetic population. Mostly kids and young adults are affected by it and also those kids who have at least one diabetic parent as well as those who were born to women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy.