Diabetes Basics

Diabetes May Be A Cause Of Memory Loss!

One of the debilitating effects of diabetes can be memory loss. This can be a very distressing situation for diabetic patients to deal with. Memory loss on account of old age is inevitable. However if relatively young people have to deal occasional bouts of  memory loss on account of diabetes, then definitive action needs to be taken to tackle the situation.

 The first and foremost thing that is required in case a diabetic patient suffers from memory loss is to change the dietary profile to include food sources such as lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grain based foods and low fat dairy foods. Foods that are rich in zinc, chromium and magnesium should be included in the diet. This will ensure that the brain receives sufficient nutrition. This along with plenty of exercise will help to increase the blood flow to the brain.

Memory loss in the case of a diabetic may take place if the diabetic has been constantly exposed to high levels of blood sugar and has not been able to keep or maintain blood sugar levels. In case blood sugar levels are constantly under control, then chances of premature memory loss in the case of a diabetic are very few.

The chances of reducing memory loss in the case of a diabetic are much higher in case diabetes has been diagnosed early. However as far as the brain is concerned, it is one organ that improves with continuous usage. Therefore, a diabetic patient should stay not just physically fit, but also mentally fit by working on crossword puzzles and other mentally challenging exercises.

Stimulation and exercise of the brain is of immense benefit in keeping the brain alive and sharp.