Diabetes Basics

Does Diabetes Affect The Sexual Health Of Women

Sex is undoubtedly a great part of our lives and some of our relationships as well. But, do you know that diabetes can damage a woman's sex life completely? A women with diabetes is sure to feel less interested in sex. Diabetes creates an aversion to sex in a woman. It may be a result of vaginal dryness which makes the intercourse excessively painful. However, all women are not sure to suffer from sex related problems if they have diabetes.

Decreased exual desire and arousal are the most common sexual problems experienced by women who have diabetes. Apart from these, women with diabetes may also face problems related to decreased vaginal lubrication.

Vaginal yeast infection is another possible cause of sexual problems among women with diabetes. There is a possibility that uncontrolled blood glucose levels may cause recurring and severe vaginal yeast infections in women with diabetes which may upset their sex life. But, with the help of over-the-counter or prescribed medications, such infections can be controlled.

Women with diabetes may also experience recurring cystitis. It is also possible that women with diabetes may have problems with arousal, and just as the penis fails to become erect in the man, in the like manner the clitoris in a woman may not respond to stimulation.

Depression also stems from diabetes. It can take away your desire for sex. If you’ve been reeling under depression for more than two weeks, consult your health-care provider.

Women with diabetes carry every possible chances of facing frustrating complications not only in terms of their health but also in terms of their sex life. So, beware.