Diabetes Basics

What Are The Causes Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a common disease. Before we discuss the causes of the disease, it is important to know that there are three major kinds of diabetes. These are:

Diabetes type I
Diabetes type II
Gestational diabetes

The causes of the three types of diabetes are different.

What causes diabetes type I?
The diabetes of this kind is also called juvenile diabetes since the victims of this kind are mostly children. The islets of langerhans in the pancreas stop producing insulin, the component responsible for the proper glucose metabolism in our body. The medical science community is not very clear about what causes the failure of these cells. They predict that may be due to a virus or bacteria or exposure to some toxins which stops the insulin secretion. Because of the lack of insulin, the glucose level of blood rises and   causes this type of diabetes.

What causes diabetes type II?
In this case, the insulin production is not hampered, but the receptors of the cells fail to get stimulated by the insulin secretion. The absence of insulin reception reduces the glucose absorption. The glucose level in the body triggers more and more production of insulin and the pancreas glands become exhausted. The excessive insulin becomes abnormal and the glucose level in the blood goes on increasing. This is also commonly termed as resistance to insulin.

What causes gestational diabetes?
In gestational diabetes also the insulin resistance occurs. That is a condition in which other hormones of the body resist the use of insulin by the cells. This results in the rise of glucose in the blood and the pregnant lady tests positive of diabetes. The hormones that block the insulin are activated from the placenta near the womb.