A few Foods specifically for Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that requires careful treatment and management. An essential aspect of management of the disease is management of the diet. There are a number of natural foods that are beneficial for diabetics. These foods help to keep the blood sugar level low. Apart from such foods, a diabetic should lay emphasis on green vegetables, whole grain based foods and breads and foods high in protein and low in saturated fats such as chicken, fish and soy.

Foods rich in chromium such as brewer’s yeast, cabbage, mushrooms and lettuce should be included liberally in the diet. Chromium is an essential mineral that helps the pancreas in producing more insulin. Brewer’s Yeast is another beneficial nutrient that has been endorsed by Dr Richard J Doisy in an article in the Medical World News.

Green vegetables are one of the food groups that are very essential for diabetics as vegetables contain trace elements, vitamins and minerals and a number of essential compounds. Broccoli a relative of the cauliflower is a popular food that is highly rich in chromium and Vitamin C.

Another noteworthy green vegetable is the bitter gourd or bitter melon a vegetable that is very popular in Asia and has been extensively used by diabetic patients for quite some time. Bitter gourd contains plant insulin that is very beneficial in maintaining the blood sugar levels and bringing it down to normal.

Another vegetable that is more famous as a condiment, the world over has a number of trace elements such as zinc, potassium and chromium. These minerals actually are helpful in delaying the onset of mild diabetes and can help to promote healthy blood sugar levels. Garlic has a number of advantages for diabetics. There are elements in garlic that have found to be beneficial for diabetic patients.

A word should definitely be mentioned here about the Bengal Gram. The Bengal Gram is a pulse that has a very low glycemic index and as a result is a very good food source for diabetics. If kept in a damp cloth for 24 hours, this pulse germinates and the germinated form is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals such as chromium, zinc, potassium and iron.

Liberal amounts of Bengal Gram also help to reduce the amount of insulin that is required by diabetic patients.