A Strict Diet Plan For Diabetics

As soon as a person is detected with diabetes, it becomes very important for him to know what his diet plan should be. Being aware about his problem and to cure it in the best way possible is all in the hands of the person himself.

The patient should know as to what and how much his intake should be depending upon his age, size and how much physical activity he does as against those who labor more or even those who have a large built up, need to eat more. Diet differs even for those who are suffering from any other chronic illness and on the other hand pregnant women who are diabetic, should have more calorie intake. The diet plan also differs for those mothers who are feeding.

Any diet plan for a diabetic is generally divided in three levels. On the lower side, it is a diet of 1200–1600 calories, then increasing towards 1600–2000 calories and the rest is 2000 calories and above. The only difference in these diet plans is of quantity as the variety is the same for all. The basic diet intake for a diabetic includes starch which is found in potatoes, bread, cereals, rice, whole-wheat etc, fruits, vegetables specially pumpkins which have proved to be very beneficial for the diabetic, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, high protein drink, fish, poultry and fats, sweets and alcohol in very less quantity under recommended diet plan.

Apart from knowing what to eat, it is also important to know when to eat and how much to eat. Food should be taken in same quantity and at the same time daily. This helps to maintain an overbalance in the blood glucose levels as daily fluctuations could cause some problem. It is also important to have something at frequent intervals as an empty stomach for long time will bring weakness.

On an overall, eat rich, eat healthy and maintain a good lifestyle with extra care on weight management by doing modest physical activity and exercises.