Breakfast Is Most Important Meal Of The Day For Diabetic

Breakfast is the most important food of the day as it makes you able to start your day with good preparation. It is a common saying that one should have his breakfast like a king that means the breakfast should be heavy in diet as it lets you start your day, gives you energy to work and it has enough time to get digested throughout the day. It is, therefore, suggested for any person with or without disease that he/she should take proper breakfast. However, it is another matter what is to be taken in case of diabetic patients.

Every body has its own requirements of nutrition depending upon the size, age, level of physical activity and blood glucose levels. Thus, any kind of diet recommended differs as to what should be the total amount of calorie intake of a body. There are basically three levels of diet intake. On the lower side, doctors recommend a 1200 to 1600 calorie diet, the medium one lies between 1600 and 2000 and highest is 2000 and above for those working hard and are young at the same time.

A normal and regular breakfast includes;
Intake of eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, high protein drink, fruits and vegetables in the form of salads however, the amount of intake will differ depending on the diet plan as per calorie count in which a diabetic patient would fall.

Contrary to popular belief, diabetes does not necessarily mean a sugar free diet. Sugar can be taken as a part of a healthy balanced diet but one should try to cut down on it as it has some adverse effects on the teeth and also not good for weight and an overall balance of the body. Fruits and vegetables should be emphasized as they are rich in fiber and low in fat with lots of vitamins and minerals. Additional flavors in milk and yogurt should be avoided as they add unnecessary fat to the diet.

Breakfast should be taken at the strict time schedule with the same amount to avoid fluctuations in the blood glucose levels. Various breakfast recopies are available on relevant websites and books to give different taste to the monotonous intake.