Can I Take Hoodia If I Have Diabetes?

In case you have diabetes, it is very important to visit your doctor and get yourself checked up periodically. In case you are planning to take a health supplement, ask your doctor before doing so.

One health supplement that you may be considering is Hoodia. You should know that there are a number of clinical researches and trials that are being undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Hoodia and its interaction with other drugs and clinical conditions.

There was a time that the drug was being used by the people of Southern Africa to treat diabetes. At that time, there were no modern medications to treat diabetes. Although people were using Hoodia to treat diabetes, the efficacy of the drug could never be properly determined. It is only today that research is being carried out to judge whether Hoodia is effective and if it interacts with modern day drugs that are used to treat diabetes.

Although Hoodia has been recently introduced, in the context of modern medicine its utility is under research. Nevertheless if you feel that you will benefit from the drug, consult your doctor before you start taking this health food supplement. Hoodia does have some benefits and can be helpful in the treatment and management of diabetes.

You should remember that Hoodia is not recommended for children, nursing or pregnant women. It should be used only under the supervision of a doctor who is aware of its relative benefits, risks and precautions.

Phytopharm conducted a survey in 2001 on the effects of Hoodia on a placebo-controlled group of healthy volunteers. The results showed a marked reduction in body fat content in the group that was administered the drug, compared to the group that was given a placebo. Further research on the interaction of the drug with other medication is underway.