Diabetes Diet Guidelines

Diabetes is a disease which is of two types, and normally occurs in people of the age forty and above.  It is mainly caused due to increased level of sugar in the blood and the ineffectiveness of insulin to control the increased level or the lack of insulin secretion. Many diabetic patients do not curb and regulate their diet. This in turn becomes the cause of sustained and chronic diabetes.

Healthy diet and exercise
Healthy diet with balanced a nutrition, complemented by a regular exercise regimen helps diabetes patients in recuperating fast. Healthy and balanced diet keeps the level of glucose and sugar at a normal level. Regular exercise helps in the smooth flow of blood through out the body and enhances the internal bodily system.
Diabetic diet classes

Consulting a dietician will help you formulate a diet suitable for yourself.  Eating foods that are diabetic friendly is very important in managing the disease. The dietician may ask you to appear for diet classes. The diet classes educate you on the fact that sugar can be taken in the diet but in the right amount. Diabetics are not asked to totally restrain from sweet things. That would make life a lot less sweet.

Diet percentage and its quantity
A study of nutritional percentage in a normal diet reveals that fifty to sixty percent of calories are derived from carbohydrates, less than thirty percent of calories are obtained from fat and around twelve to twenty percent calories are derived from proteins.

Doctors usually advice against eating heavy meals and instead recommend taking light meals frequently after a short period of time. This practice generates energy in the human body and makes a person less hungry.

Healthy food
A nutritional diet includes carbohydrates such as whole grain, bread and pasta.  Avoid white flour and white rice. Take brown rice instead of white rice. Things which should be taken in low quantity are cakes, cookies, ice cream full cream milk. Restrict fats and sugar in raw form to the maximum extent possible. The results will be far beyond your expectations.
Diet plays a very critical part in managing and dealing with diabetes. Eating regular, small meals helps in controlling wide fluctuation in blood glucose level.