Stick To Recommended Diet In Gestational Diabetic

Diabetes means the body’s inability to control the amount of sugar in blood due to pancreas’ inability to produce insulin which converts food into energy. When this situation is suffered by pregnant woman, it is known as gestational diabetes. It is different from type one or type two diabetes and develops between 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes is very much curable with the help of diet planning, exercises and weight management. On an average, as many as 40% of all the gestational diabetes are cured as the pregnancy is over and the woman is no more a diabetic but in rest of the cases diabetes may recur later in life, which again depends on the kind of lifestyle a person maintains or somebody already suffering from diabetes in the family history.

Diabetic diet gestational restriction means the types of food which a woman can have and the ones she should avoid during this time. The diet should include lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, food rich in fiber and starch, iron in the form of citrus fruits, green vegetables, dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish, poultry, cereals, beans, fats and sweets and all other foods which may include fruits, vegetables, cereals and the foods which are less of fats and sweets. They should be taken in regular intervals with lots of variety.

Big meals can be interrupted with snacks which are low in calorie. Food should be taken at the same time daily. The diet containing up to 2200 calorie can be taken by a diabetic pregnant woman and the rest depends upon the doctor and dietician who will recommend the best diet plan according to weight and the blood glucose levels.

Other things that may be avoided are skipping meals, adding extra sweeteners to fruits, salads or any dairy product. Alcohol should be avoided totally and beverages should be taken in limited amount. Women are also advised not to go on dieting or lose weight without doctor’s recommendation which depends on individual’s health.

Keeping these guidelines into consideration, it would be easier to have a healthy baby and easy delivery.