To Follow An Healthy Life Style, Stick To Food Pyramid In Diabetes

Pyramid represents a triangle and here in reference to the food pyramid for a diabetic indicates as to what meals should be taken in lesser quantity, like the top portion of the pyramid which keeps on getting narrow meaning less and towards the base it tends to increase which occupies the major portion of all food intake in a particular day.

The diabetic food pyramid can be described by the following chart. To start from those which needs to be taken in lesser quantity to those which form the base of a diet plan goes in this format-
Fats, Sweets and Alcohol (2–3 servings)
Eat less fats and sweets. Make it a part of your diet plan, meaning don’t eat extra. Safe amount of alcohol can be taken with food.

Milk and Yogurt (2 – 3 servings)
They have low fats, so should be taken in the form of their own natural sweetness, without adding any extra flavors which increases fats.

Meat and Others (1 -2 servings)
Have fish and poultry more. Take them after removing all the visible fats. Bake, roast or boiled preparation should be preferred over fried due to having extra calorie.

Vegetables (3 -5 servings)
Fresh vegetables mainly dark green and deep yellow in color like, spinach, broccoli, carrot etc, can be taken in the form of salads also.

Fruits (3 – 5 servings)
Whole fruits are recommended over juices due to the fiber content. Citrus fruits like orange can be taken that too without adding sweeteners.

Among whole grain foods- whole wheat, beans and all those foods that have starch in them like bread, potatoes, rice and pastas can be taken as the base meal since they add up to the big portion of the diet. Starch helps to keep the blood glucose levels steady. (6 and above servings)

Apart from the diet, time schedule and the daily intake is also important. Healthy lifestyle and exercises also play an important role in maintaining a perfect body which is vital not only for diabetic patients but for everyone.