You can do a lot with Tea in diabetes !

A lot of people, of late, are suffering from diabetes in America and it is becoming more concerned with type two diabetes. The reason is the increasing obesity among its people. The new research says tea can act as a deterrent to contain the diabetes, you need to find ways to control diabetes both in adults and children. You need to maintain weight and follow a prescribed diet. Proper exercise is a must..

There are several other factors that control diabetes. In diabetes, the body does not produce insulin and a lack of it mainly leads to diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that coverts sugar and other foods into energy. In both types of diabetes, the most common diabetes is type 2 diabetes. In this diabetes, insulin is produced but not in enough quantity resulting in high level of blood sugar in the body.

In order to see the effect of tea on blood sugar levels, the doctors of the University of Scranton conducted experiments on diabetic mice. They fed the diabetic mice with green and black tea for a period of three months. After this period was over, they started the process of evaluation.
The team fed with almost 5 cups of tea on daily basis and they came up with some interesting results. The results showed that green and black tea decreased blood sugar levels in the mice. These results were compared with the results of mice that did not have black/green tea. It was also seen that the complications among the mice that were fed with tea were also reduced. The mice fed with tea did not form cataracts. Cataract is a common complication of diabetes.
 The type one diabetes is diagnosed in childhood. In this type, the body does not produce insulin. Doctors are not completely sure about the reasons of this diabetes.

Drinking a few glasses of black or green tea can help control diabetes. A lot of medical research has been done on green tea and it has been found that green tea provides you more health benefits. Research has also revealed that green tea retains more natural antioxidants than black tea. Fermentation process is not done on green tea unlike black tea. Fermentation destroys antioxidants like EGCG. In type 2 diabetes, both teas work. There are indeed positive results and for diabetics who prefer black tea, it is good news.

For high sugar levels, the best thing is to consult the doctor and he will prescribe you the diet that will regulate the insulin level. The doctor will give you tips to reduce weight and burn carbohydrate levels. Black tea will be an added factor. Diabetes can be controlled if proper precaution is taken. It is also a fact that many people have had healthy life for decades even after diabetes.