Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant And Diabetic- How To Deal With Diabetes When Pregnant?

A mix of pregnancy and diabetes is dangerous for women. Diabetic women who become pregnant face an increased chance of delivering still born babies, of miscarriages and giving birth to babies with genetic defects. What complicates the situation further is the fact that more and more women are now facing this kind of danger.

Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes
Not all women have preexisting diabetes. Some of them contract it during the course of pregnancy. This type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes and quite unlike pre-existing diabetes, it goes away once the pregnancy is over. However, it can become permanent if it is overlooked. It is important to monitor blood glucose levels and take corrective steps so that gestational diabetes is controlled.

How to Minimize the Risk Posed By Diabetes to Pregnant Women
The risk posed by diabetes to pregnant women (and their unborn child) is enormous. However, it does not mean that the risk is permanent. With the help of adequate monitoring of blood glucose levels during the course of pregnancy, women with preexisting diabetes can minimize the risk they face.

Plan Your Pregnancy Before-hand
To begin with, women who have been diagnosed with diabetes need to consult their physician about pregnancy and diabetes. The physician would instruct her on how to regulate blood glucose levels before conceiving.

The control methods adopted would then be evaluated, modified (if necessary) and then continued through the duration of pregnancy. They should get their blood glucose levels under the recommended figure of 100 mg/dL before six months of getting pregnant.

Women who are taking oral medications to regulate their blood sugar levels would need to shift to insulin before and during the course of pregnancy. Further, if necessary, the physician can ask them to take a dose of folic acid and multivitamins. This would diminish the chances of brain and spinal chord defects in the new born child.

Course Of action During Pregnancy
The objective of controlling blood glucose levels is not over in the pre-pregnancy period. It has to be achieved over and over again during the course of pregnancy as it has a tendency to recur. In order to curtail recurrence of diabetes, pregnant women need to regulate carbohydrate intake in their meals and they need to exercise regularly. Further, they would need to stop smoking and consuming alcohol and would need to eat more vitamin, mineral and fiber rich foods.

Apart from these changes in the meal plan, it is important for pregnant women to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels. Using a portable blood glucose monitoring device they need to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly and share this information with their physician.