Gestational Diabetes

Treatments For Gestational Diabetes

The main objective of the treatment of gestational diabetes is to get the pregnant woman’s glucose levels within normal limits. In a good treatment plan, typically exercise or some other form of physical activity, as well as specific dietary instructions are included. Other form of treatment includes daily testing of blood glucose levels, or insulin injections.

Because gestational diabetes can attack both you and your baby, you need to start the treatment quickly. Treatment of gestational diabetes can help you lower the risk of having to have a cesarean section birth for you as the mother-to-be. The different treatments for gestational diabetes are as follow:

Meal Plan:
A dietitian or a diabetes educator can design a meal plan to help you choose foods that are healthy for you and your baby. The plan will provide guidelines on which foods to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Choices, amounts, and timing are all important for keeping your blood glucose levels in your target range. You will be generally told to:

1) Limit sweets.
2) Divide your meal in to small meals.
3) Be careful about when and how much carbohydrate-rich food you eat.
4) To include fiber in your meals in the form of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain crackers, cereals, and bread.

Physical Activity:
Walking and swimming can help you reach your blood glucose targets. Talk with a health care specialist about the type of activity that is best for you. You can exercise according to your needs.

Insulin is the last resort. Severe gestational diabetics need insulin, in addition to a meal plan and physical activity, to reach their blood glucose targets. If necessary, you will be shown how to give yourself insulin. Insulin is not harmful for your baby. It can not move from your bloodstream to that of baby's.

Rigorously following your treatment process will give you a healthy pregnancy and child. To help your baby avoid future poor health and to reduce his/her tendency to develop type 2 diabetes in the years to come, you should follow the treatment process demarcated for you.