Gestational Diabetes

With Healthy Diet, Keep Gestation Diabetes At Bay

Many a time diabetes is detected at the time of pregnancy. However, it can also occur at any point of time and quite temporary. This is also called as gestation diabetes.

The treatment of gestation diabetes is same as the type 2 diabetes. The doctor advises the patient to keep a check on his/ her weight and the patient needs to be active at the time of pregnancy. Make sure that there are no other complications in the patient. If other complications prevail, the patient cannot be active and she needs to bring the rising blood sugar levels under control.

Since gestation diabetes occurs at the time of pregnancy among women, it cannot be made as generalization. There are some groups of mothers who are more likely to become the victims of gestation diabetes. The biggest factor in this regard is the family history. The doctors need to undergo scrutiny of such cases and a family record including parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings come up at the time of scrutiny.

Apart from family line of the patient, there are several other factors that are responsible for diabetes in the pregnant mother. The chances of getting gestation diabetes are more in case of late pregnancy. For instance, if the woman becomes pregnant after the age of forty five years, the chances of gestation diabetes is higher. The young woman who has obesity and more weight can become easy prey to this kind of diabetes at the time of pregnancy.
Gestation can cause diabetes in different ways. The woman who bears a baby more than nine ponds of weight should be more cautious about this type. Apart from this, the woman with high blood pressure during this period should be very cautious as chances of gestation diabetes are stronger. The chances of gestation diabetes also increase with high levels of triglycerides in the pregnant mother and this can be fatal in case proper precautions are not taken. If there is high blood cholesterol level in the blood of the mother at the time of pregnancy, the chances of gestation diabetes increase.
Gestation diabetes can have a complete check like other forms of diabetes. The only precaution you need to take is to have a complete lifestyle. Do not forget to make appropriate changes in lifestyle.  Healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders for waiting moms.