Type 2 Diabetes


About 6% of the population of the US of A is suffering from diabetes. It is the 7th leading cause of death here. It is a well known fact that those living with diabetes are the most probable candidates for blindness, kidney diseases, diseases related to the nervous system, amputation of limbs, heart disorders and brain hemorrhage.Type II diabetes is very common in the USA and accounts for 95% of the diabetes population.

The very name of TYPE II Diabetes presupposes that there is Diabetes Type I. Fortunately, until this date there is no Diabetes Type III.

The problem with type II diabetes patients is utilization of glucose in the blood. Glucose must reach the muscle cells or other cells that need glucose to carry out daily activities. But unfortunately, the cells are insensitive to insulin. They do not do their duty- just like workers on strike! Glucose remains in the blood only and this is the root cause of all the problems.

Do not relax thinking that yours is Type II diabetes. It is the stepping stone to Diabetes I, therefore utmost care is all the more necessary. In Type I diabetes, it is your inability to produce insulin. In type II diabetes, it is the inability to utilize the insulin produced. It is not the problem of production; it is the problem of equitable distribution. The ultimate result of both the problems is the same-high levels of glucose in the blood!

All cells in the body have receptors; these are special proteins. They have something definite to do with insulin, a special bond! They are the lock and key. For glucose to enter the cell, insulin must first fit into the insulin receptor. But the type II diabetes, are the owners of a duplicate or faulty lock. Entry of glucose is barred. No admission! It is the beginning of all problems! Insulin does not work properly, or it is mutated or built incorrectly.

The next problem is with the beta cells. In the pancreas, they do not produce enough insulin. When it is short of body's requirements, glucose level rise and there comes diabetes! Researchers, until this day, are groping in the dark, to know the reasons for this.

In fine age, obesity and lifestyle do matter a lot in Diabetes Type II. Develop absolute control on your diet, in consultation with your family doctor and have a proper exercise schedule. Take early morning walks. Practice meditation and light yoga exercises.

Thank yourself that it is Type II diabetes. Type I is waiting in the wings to overpower you, lest you are alert.