Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes- A Tricky One!

The diabetes seems to have become some sort of an epidemic as every other person is being inflicted by the disease. Almost 25 percent of the entire US is engulfed under the influence of diabetes. It is also called the syndrome X or pre diabetes. The biggest problem with this kind of syndrome X diabetes is that 9 out of 10 people all across the world have failed to maintain their blood sugar levels despite medications.

The biggest irony of diabetes is that it is a sort of tricky disease. You will be astonished to know the fact that you will not find any symptoms within the first two years of having diabetes and the attack is abrupt. When it happens, it becomes a sort of doomsday in the life of the patient.

However, taking the disease lightly may be the biggest mistake on the part of the patient. There are several factors in the type 2 diabetes that may encourage the disease. The primary factor is the laxity of the patient. People with type 2 diabetes do not visit the doctor for the tests within the first six months of diagnosis. They tend to take the disease lightly and are careless about various things like proper diet and exercise. It is important to have coffee for the cure of diabetes. 

It can sometimes be a psychological factor also. The situation becomes very difficult when the diabetic compromises with the fate without taking the necessary steps.

As per some findings, many emotional changes occur in a person because of the type 2 diabetes. The self esteem of the person is low and several other stress factors conquer his life which creates a sense of negativity in the mind of the person. The behavior of the person becomes highly irresponsible and he only encourages the disease.