Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Non Insulin Dependent

Type two diabetes is referred to as adult onset diabetes mellitus or non-insulin dependent diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is mainly characterized by relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.

The very common form of diabetes is diabetes type 2. About 90 to 95 percent of people with diabetes have diabetes type 2. This type of diabetes is related with old age, family history, obesity, physical inactivity, food habits and ethnicity.

The number of patients suffering from diabetes symptoms is staggering, one needs to pay attention to diabetes diet and exercise, because exercise helps your body to use insulin better to convert glucose into energy for cells. For diabetes cure patient should keep a check on symptoms of diabetes and should be aware about related information about diabetes and take diabetes medication accordingly for diabetes management.

Our bodies usually change sugars and starches into glucose. The blood carries glucose to various tissues. In order for glucose to enter skeletal muscle, insulin must be present. After glucose comes in the muscle cell, it is broken down and is stored in the form of energy to be used later.

In case of Diabetes type 2, insulin is produced in great quantity and our body is not able to make its effective use. This condition is known as insulin resistance and it does not allow glucose to enter muscle cells. Glucose level is abnormally raised and thus this condition is known as type 2 diabetes non insulin dependent.