Type 2 Diabetes

Who All Are Affected By Type II Diabetes?

Type II diabetes mostly affects young adults in their 30s and 40s. It especially hits those who are above 40 years of age and are slightly overweight. There has been an increase by over 16 % in the number of people who are in their 40s and are suffering from Type II diabetes, over the last decade. Obesity and eating unhealthy food being the main reasons for the same. Obesity has increased worldwide by 20 % in the last decade, the reason being that cultures worldwide are adopting the junk food culture increasingly. This is a huge problem as obesity is one of the main causal factor of diabetes.

Normally, children and young adults suffer from Type I diabetes. But, in the last decade, this spectrum has also seen an increase by an average of 20 to 25 %. This is due to the fact that children and young adults are adopting the habit of eating fatty and carbohydrate rich food and thus becoming obese or overweight. Some research has also shown that babies having low birth weight also have a high risk factor of developing Type II diabetes, later in life as metabolic abnormalities during pregnancy are a common cause of the fetus developing diabetes later on.

Obesity is the number one risk factor for developing Type II diabetes with over 80 % of obese or overweight people having some form of diabetes or the other. It also depends on the fat distribution in the body and abdominal fat is the number one culprit as far as the insulin resistance and diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are concerned.

Family history also plays an important rule in determining that who would be affected by Type II diabetes. A high percentage of Type II diabetics have had some history of diabetes in their family. If the parents or even one of the parent has diabetes the child has 35 to 40 % chances of having Type II diabetes.