Juvenile Diabetes
Double Diabetes: Placing Your Kids At Even More Risk
Diabetes is a medical condition that results in blood glucose level rising above normal. Now, diabetes can be due to either of two reasons. One of them is a lack of insulin. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the pancreas.
Diabetes and Bad Breath
Diabetes and bad breath are related closely. When a person is suffering from diabetes, there is a different type of breath odor from him.
Diabetes in children- Is all hope lost?

Children are usually afflicted with Type 1 diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is a serious complication in which the pancreas ceases to produce insulin, the hormone responsible for aiding absorption of blood sugar in our body.

Diet And Juvenile Diabetes
Juvenile diabetes requires consistency in its meal planning to allow food and insulin to work together to regulate blood glucose levels. Your diet and insulin need to be in sync with each other.
How to Help Children Suffering From Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that may affect children and adults alike. It is a medical condition that results in high levels of blood sugar. Insulin a hormone that is produced by the pancreas is required to regulate blood sugar levels and allow the cells of the body to utilize glucose for repair and maintenance.
Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children: Could Your Child Be At Risk?
The biggest drawback about diabetes is the lack of apparent symptoms of the disease. This lack of symptoms prevents the disease from being easily diagnosed. The disease increases blood sugar levels in the blood stream.
Diabetes Care Among Kids
Children usually suffer from type 2 diabetes. This wide spread form of type 2 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Is your child at risk? Find out!
Diagnosing Juvenile Diabetes
Juvenile diabetes, popularly known as Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children, teenagers or young adults. Various tests are used to diagnoses juvenile diabetes.
Fighting Diabetes In children
The goal of every diabetes treatment is to keep your blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. That is why one of the most important steps in treating your child’s diabetes is to monitor his/her blood sugar levels constantly. This is one way to help your child feel better as well as reduce the risk of long term complications of the disease.
Juvenile Diabetes And It's Sufferers
Juvenile diabetes or Type 1 diabetes sufferers form about 30 % to 40 % of the total one hundred and twenty million individuals suffering from diabetes worldwide. Are you one of them?
Symptoms Of Juvenile Diabetes
At the point when insulin production bottoms out, however, juvenile diabetes usually appears suddenly and progresses quickly. Here are some of the symptoms of juvenile diabetes.