Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care Begins With Apt Diabetes Diet!

Diabetes people are special people. They need a special diet. Diet is one of the most important part of your diabetes treatment. Perhaps, more important than the medicine itself. For, if you take proper medicines but neglect the diet, the result would be counter-productive!

It is no exaggeration if you (being diabetic) are advised to take care. Maintain the desirable body weight. Shed it, if in excess. Maintain the level, if you are underweight. Always remember, your blood glucose level should be normal.

The disease diabetes has a team behind it. Blood vessel diseases and heart problems await in its wings. So always take necessary care.

You have to understand your body and health related matters in the proper perspective. You have the services of two doctors—yourself and your family doctor. Both of you have to live like good friends. You have to follow his advice and he will of course understand your difficulties.

A doctor and a dietitian become the permanent friends and advisers of a diabetic patient. You have to understood yourself in a better manner by trial and error methods.

In all the major cities there are Diabetes Associations, who conduct useful services such as conducting camps, holding seminars and discussions and arranging group meeting. They also publish bulletins containing useful and encouraging information.

What you eat is important. For a diabetes patient, how you eat what you eat is also important. Instead of eating one or two heavy meals, it is better to take small quantities of food, several times in a day.

You have perfect understanding of your system, it is okay. But your doctor knows it better. As for the diet, only follow his instructions. That is your role. Do not go by ideas. He knows the facts. Don't be in a hurry to lose weight, though it is very important. If you lose two pounds in a week, it is ideal. Don't be panicky about the weight loss subject.

Fruits, seasonal vegetables help you a lot. Oily stuff needs to be avoided at all costs. Much more fiber must go into your system.

There may not be a permanent cure for the diabetes—but the permanent care can not be avoided. Unfortunately, you have the stamp of diabetes on you! So, take care.