Diabetes Care

Diabetes Diet: Fruit For A Thought

A person suffering from diabetes have certain special needs that can be fulfilled from his diet and eating habits. Such a person should refrain from eating food that are rich in cholesterol and fats. The food for them should be light and easy to digest with lots of fiber content.

Most fruits fit correctly in this category of description. Since long, fruits have shown various beneficial effects on a patient suffering from diabetes. They are low on fats and highly rich in nutrients and vitamins and have positive effect on the abnormal rise in the blood glucose levels. You can choose from any of the fruits available in the market. Each one of it will be better than the other.

Of all the fruits, apple is the one with all the valuable nutrients. Apple is rich in pectine, which is found in its pulp. This pectine is the source of galacturonic acid, which is needed for cleaning the harmful, toxic substances from your body. This acid also works in the direction of decreasing your body's need of insulin by around 35%. Besides being rich in pectin, apples are also rich in Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 prevents the damage of the brain cells that can occur due to diabetic acidosis. It also prevents further complications such as neurosis. So the saying goes apt “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apart from apple, grapefruit has several appetizing properties that helps you fight diabetes. Its refreshing nature helps you to bring down your blood glucose levels within a time span of just three days. But just a diet of grapefruit is not enough. With it you will be required to take more of vegetables and fruits rather than diet rich in fats.

In the list of anti-diabetic fruits, rose apple or commonly known as jambul, is something that we cannot forget. The elements present in jambul have strong positive effects on your pancreas. As a result it prevents the conversion of starch into bad sugar, thus controlling your blood sugar levels. The seeds of this fruit are used in a dried, powdered form and taken with water. Apart from controlling diabetes, it also allays your thirst and prevents excessive urination.

There are several fruits that find place in the Ayurveda treatment. The treatment generally involves a dried, powdered mixture of fruits. One of the most successful diabetic treatments is the dried form of white ash from the inner bark of jambul tree. Treatments by this not only helps you to control diabetes but also helps you in controlling excessive urination. So treat you diabetes with your favorite fruit and live a healthy life.