Diabetes Basics

Avoid Aggravating Diabetes by Limiting Intake of Eggs

Diabetics are always at risk when their cholesterol level goes up, and thus as a rule of thumb they should avoid foods that raise cholesterol levels. Eggs have a tendency of increasing LDL, the bad cholesterol, and are therefore highly unsuitable for diabetics to gorge on.

People promoting egg consumption fall back on the argument that eggs are not as bad as saturated fats found in dark meat and dairy products. Yes, it's true that some commonly eaten foods have far more levels of the bad fat, but would you as a diabetic still go for it 6 times a week and not worry about its ill effects?

A lot many studies all over the world have proven that diabetics who ate up to 6 eggs a week bore an increased risk of heart diseases than ever before.

Let's take a look at the nutrition facts:

A chicken egg weighing 100g contains-
10g of fat, 27% saturated fat
75 calories
6g proteins
70mg sodium

The saturated fat contains the harmful LDL cholesterol in excess of 250mg. All the cholesterol is found in the egg yolk. The egg white contains no cholesterol, very little fat, and about half the number of calories.

Eggs surely are a great source of vitamins and proteins but unfortunately for diabetics they are also a rich source of cholesterol. Cholesterol blocks arteries, increases chances of heart attacks and strokes, and worsens Type 2 diabetes. Dietary cholesterol increases the ratio of total to HDL cholesterol, thus affecting the body's cholesterol profile.

Diabetics need to adhere to the rule of consuming less than 300mg of cholesterol per day. If just one egg contains a mammoth 250mg, imagine what your total consumption all day long would be!

So you know that you need to limit the intake of eggs. The ideal way to go about it is eat 3 eggs per week, making sure you don't exceed 1 egg per day. Moderate is the way for everyone, not just diabetics. LDL is not good for anyone.

Another way of eating eggs is to eat only the whites. Egg whites contain no cholesterol at all. If you are not very fond of them there are numerous tasty recipes available that can change your view about egg whites. Search for the ones labeled 'diabetic'. Egg whites have no risk at all; in fact they are a great way of nutrient intake.

If you take care of these things when you eat eggs, viz. eating a maximum of 3 per week or eating only the whites as much as you want, then you will not face any risk of aggravating your diabetes.