Diabetes Mellitus

Complications of Diabetes are aplenty

It may be caused due to lack of insulin or its ineffectiveness that is when body fails to use the insulin properly. Diabetes is also happens when body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone which converts sugar and starch into energy and this energy makes the body work. Insulin breaks glucose obtained from food into energy. Hence when this glucose is not utilized it raises the level of sugar in the blood and thus diabetes happens. It affects mainly adults.   Symptoms of Diabetes
Most of the symptoms of diabetes include fatigue, nausea and palpitations. Diabetes also causes blindness and thrombosis to its sufferers. The most complicated problem arises when it is a case of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia thereby leading to coma.

Diabetes sufferer also takes a long time to heal if he/she gets a cut or wound. It might be due to the reason that the flow of blood out of the cut continue for minutes. Diabetics are supposed to be well aware of their feet conditions as it is most vulnerable part of the body. Even oral or gynecological infections are a possible threat to the diabetics as the bacteria are most attracted to sugar.

Severe hyperglycemia affects minute blood capillaries of the eyes and kidney too. It may even affect kidneys if the patient is not serious to medication. It may also lead to blockage of blood vessels and thus becomes extremely harmful for heart patients.

If the insulin doses are not taken regularly, there is all possibility of its leading to coma.

Now the question arises how to recognize whether the patient is hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic?
It can be best judged by smelling the breath of the sufferer. If his breathe smells sweat, he is suffering from hyperglycemia.

Treatment is the only key :

About two million people in England are suffering from diabetes and approximately seventy five hundred thousand people are unaware of their diabetic status.

A lot of Americans too, are little aware about diabetic medication. Even this carelessness has led to some serious consequences resulting in blindness and coma. Therefore, it is imperative for a diabetic to have complete information about diabetes status and its medication. Determined approach towards freedom from diabetes will surely lead towards healthy and immunized body.  

Diabetes can also be reduced by a regular exercise and a balanced, sugar free diet. Mentally too, you are needed to be absolutely free from stress and strain.