Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetics Must Keep On Toes To Avoid Gangrene

Gangrene is a condition that refers to the death of a tissue as a result of lack of adequate blood supply. This death of tissue is accompanied by superadded infection. People suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to gangrene. The reason for the same is that diabetics have a propensity for certain neuropathies that make them more prone to gangrene.

Diabetics usually have open wounds and ulcers on their feet. These open wounds if not treated on time can eventually take the form of gangrene. It is important that gangrene be treated at the earliest with an appropriate solution that can cause amputation. This calls for the need for people suffering from diabetes to be more careful.

Besides causing an increase in the blood sugar levels, diabetes also impairs the blood flow in the human body. The lack of appropriate blood flow does not allow the blood to reach the wounds. This delays the process of healing of wounds. More than often, people tend to take these wounds way too lightly and do not look for an appropriate treatment. This results in gangrene. Thus, it is essential that diabetics be careful of wounds that take longer to heal and seek the service of a health care provider at the earliest.

Whilst treating these wounds at the earliest is essential to avoid gangrene, you must take adequate steps to prevent these wounds. Taking steps to prevent these open wounds and ulcers will automatically eliminate the possibility of gangrene.

People suffering from diabetes should adhere to proper health and hygiene measures to keep these open wounds and ulcers at bay. Cleaning your feet everyday with a good cleanser and water everyday is one of the few basic things that you can do to keep your feet in good health.

Besides regular cleaning, you should also choose your footwear with great care if you are suffering from diabetes. Do not go for fancy heels or extreme shoes that can increase the strain on your feet. Always look for shoes that are absolutely comfortable to wear. If you are opting for shoes, make sure to go in for the ones that are made of breathable material. This will allow your feet to breathe and prevents ulcers.

The weather condition should also be kept in mind to keep the feet in good health in every season. For instance, in winters it is advised that you wear socks that keep your feet warm enough and prevent frostbite.

Prevention is certainly better than cure and it holds true in the case of gangrene as well. You can successfully prevent gangrene even if you are suffering from diabetes by taking appropriate preventive steps. And nevertheless, if you still fall prey to the problem, make sure that you call the doctor at the earliest.