Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes may affect you in several ways

Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with abnormally high levels of the sugar glucose in the blood. Diabetes is better known as Diabetes Mellitus. In order to get the control of the disease in a proper way, it is best to diagnose it at an early stage as it helps the doctor to monitor the patient’s overall health. This also helps in preventing any further complications.

Diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not function properly and glucose level falls outside the normal range. Diabetes also affects eyes, kidneys, nerves and heart and can be diagnosed through a simple blood test done on empty stomach. Once the results of tests are in hand, the doctor advises the patient about the food and exercise schedules to be followed. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are weight loss, frequent urination, thirst and feeling of tiredness.

After the doctor determines the type of diabetes, the treatment begins which may include diet planning, pills, or injections. There may be several reason of diabetes including hereditary, family history and people of certain ethnic groups have a higher risk of developing diabetes. People may suffer at any stage of their life from diabetes which may start from childhood, adulthood and during pregnancy. All these can cause harmful effects on the body if not treated in time.

To tackle the disease in a proper way, it is important if it is detected in time or else it may lead to severe side effects. Some of the common effects include vision problems, kidney damage, nerve damage, heart and circulation problems.

To begin with the treatment of diabetes, it is very important to control the body sugar level to lead a normal life. The person must take good diet and include green vegetables and fruits.
Green vegetables remove toxins from the body and clear the system. The person must also include lots of fluids such as fruit juices, coconut water and butter milk in his diet.

Proper exercise and movement of the body is very important. It is essential to exercise properly with good amount of rest so that you do not feel tired. Take carbohydrates and vitamin supplements in between to maintain the energy level of the body.  
With so many advanced treatments in place, diagnose of diabetes has become easier lately and people have started living normal life. Now if we are able to have control over our eating habits and life style, diabetes can be kept at bay.