Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Melitus Can Be Controlled To Some Extent!

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition suffered by as many as 170 million people all over the world, though in general terms, it is simply regarded as diabetes. Diabetes is not a contagious disease but is definitely transferred from generations to generations and there are some particular races which suffer from this problem like the aboriginals, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian and Africans.

It is also mainly suffered by those who are either overweight or obese, already suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol or presence of other fats in the blood. It is simply a condition in which high level of sugar is found in the blood. The pancreas has a function to produce various hormones including insulin, which helps to extract the glucose content from the food and send it to various parts of the body to give it energy. But when the pancreas stops producing insulin or don’t produce enough of it, then the sugar enters the blood raising the blood glucose levels of the body. This condition is known as diabetes or sugar or diabetes melitus.

When the pancreas stops producing insulin or the body becomes insulin dependant, then it is known as type I diabetes suffered mostly by young ones and adults. And when pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the tissues cannot resist the insulin, it is called as type 2 diabetes, which is very common. Apart from these two, the type three is a diabetic condition suffered by pregnant woman better known as gestational diabetes.

Diabetes melitus is very much curable, if not totally cured it can be controlled to a large extent with the help of a healthy diet plan recommended by the dietician according to the person’s age, size, sex and glucose levels. Routine exercise and modest physical activity, weight management, total awareness about the problem, regular check ups, medications if required and proper lifestyle are some precautions through which a person can keep his sugar levels controlled.