Diabetes Mellitus

To Contain Diabetes Mellitis, Check Your Life Style!

Diabetes mellitus is known, in most general terms, diabetes or some even call it sugar. It may be life threatening with high level of sugar found in the blood because the body is unable to properly store or use the glucose or sugar that is extracted by the food with the help of insulin produced by the pancreas. Instead of the glucose entering to various parts of our body to give it energy, it enters the blood and raises the sugar levels of the blood which could further lead to many complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage, impotency and others if not controlled in time.

Coming to the classification of diabetes, there can be three types of diabetes, type I in which the body stops producing insulin. As many as 10% of the total population suffers from this type of diabetes and the target group is mainly children and adolescents. The second type is a condition in which enough insulin is not produced or the body cannot use the insulin effectively. This type is more common suffered by the rest 90%. The third type is known as gestational diabetes where a pregnant woman suffers from diabetes and gets over it as her pregnancy is over which might erupt later. 

There are numerous symptoms which a diabetic person starts suffering from such as feeling of unusual thirst, frequent urination, and defect in vision, weight change, impotency and others. People who are overweight or obese have a parent or a sibling suffering from diabetes mellitus are already patients of high blood pressure and cholesterol, ever had gestational diabetes are more open to having diabetes.

But the good aspect is that this chronic disease is controllable, with help of some extra care in the form of restricting to a particular diet plan with fixed amount of calories depending on one’s age, size, sex and glucose levels, some physical activity throughout the day of nearly 30 minutes, specific exercises or yoga, weight management, medication if required and on the whole a ideal lifestyle. These things are quite manageable and are worth to get relieved from the disease.