Diabetes Mellitus

What is Diabetes Mellitusgenetics?

Diabetes mellitusgenetics means when diabetes is being inherited, be it type one or type two, if not totally then partially.

Type I diabetes can be caused if the genes of the body get susceptible to some kind of infection mainly viral. It could also be due to stress but chances are less. It could also be due to exposure to a particular environment which is associated with some chemicals or drugs. In all these cases, the body’s immune system is unable to cope up with these problems and hence falls prey to diabetes. The immune system becomes activated by these situations and this is the reason why the young ones fall prey to type I diabetes as they carry a mutated gene as their immune system is weaker leading to maturity onset of diabetes.

Type II diabetes is mostly inherited, that is if someone has suffered from diabetes in the family history, then automatically he becomes vulnerable to it. It is not that all his family members should suffer from it but those who have already a weaker immune system, will become definite victims. Some other conditions such as obesity could add to the problem, especially if weight is accumulated in the central part of the body. According to a survey 85% of all the diabetic patients in North America suffer from diabetes due to obesity.

This is a serious problem which requires attention of health organization and government alike. When diabetes occurs due to genetic problems then one cannot stop it from happening but one could take certain precautions and measures to keep it under control and checked. Under this situation, the body stops producing insulin required to convert food into energy in the form of glucose, resulting in high sugar levels in the blood which could lead to various other complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, eye defect, nerve damage, impotency and others depending on body. Proper diet planning, exercise, medication, and a check on total life style management could be of great help.