Diabetes Diet

1800 Diabetic Diet For A Diabetic!

For a diabetic patient whether he falls in the category of type I or type II, it is utmost important how much and when he has to eat which all depend and affect the blood glucose levels which are the main sugar found in blood and body’s main source of energy. Since nutritional needs depend and differ from body to body as every individual body has its own specific requirements, people differ in having the quantity of these nutritional needs.

An 1800 diabetic diet means a total intake of 1800 calories in a day distributed in breakfast, lunch and dinner to fulfill the requirements of the body of a diabetic person. For these persons the ideal food is that which is low in fat, sugar and salt, with more of fruits and vegetables and meals based on starchy foods. Starch helps in keeping the blood glucose levels steady. Since fruits and vegetables are high in fibre, low in fat and have lots of vitamins and minerals in it, they are the best in 1800 diabetic diet. The calorie intake could be recommended in the following way and to be further confirmed, it is advisable to contact your dietician.

BREAKFAST – 2 bread or starch, 2 fruits like banana, ¼ cup cottage cheese or 1 poached egg depending upon a vegetarian or non vegetarian diet, 1 cup milk skimmed, 1 ounce meat or its substitutes.

LUNCH – 2 ounce meat or any kind of protein intake, 1 fat, 3-4 vegetables, 2 starch and some fruits

DINNER – 2 ounce meat, 1 fat, 2 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 cup milk, 1 starch, 2 bread

This adds up to a rough estimate of 1800 calories as rest could be taken in between as brunch. One should eat rich, healthy food at frequent intervals and avoid overstuffing.

It is recommend that you have the food as per strict time schedule with the same amount and quantity for better results as it keeps a check on regular basis on the blood glucose levels. Target glucose level is 90 to 130 before meals and less than 180, 1 to 2 hours after the start of meal.