Diabetes Diet

A Diet Plan for Diabetes

Diabetes, the metabolic malfunction, occurs when the level of sugar in the blood is above normal or prescribed levels. Diabetes is known to cause a number of  complications in the body and is responsible for a lot of side-effects. It is very easy to diagnose diabetes. A simple blood sugar test is indicative of the onset of the disease.

Once a positive diagnosis of diabetes has been made, management of the disease becomes a priority. Regular insulin injections and control over the diet are two very essential requirements of a strategy or plan to control diabetes.

Diabetes management requires some lifestyle changes and adjustments which one should be willing to make.

The following points should be considered when following a diet plan which is designed to manage diabetes.

Eat the exact proportion of food everyday.

Always take medication at the right time and the right quantity

Make regular and consistent exercise a habit.

Consume foods as per calories requires and choose them properly.

Limit the amount of fats, carbohydrates and foods containing either natural or added sugar.
Functional diabetic diet plan
Carbohydrate rich foods like rice, bread, and others should be taken in limited portions. If you were eating four slices of bread before becoming a diabetic, only two slices should be sufficient once you have been diagnosed with the disease. Carbs are metabolized into sugar, and excess amount of sugar in the blood will lead to an increase in the amount of insulin. Make sure that you have more of complex carbs, than simple carbs.

Eat a lot of protein. Make sure your diet is rich in lean meat, fish, chicken and eggs. Protein rich foods can also be relied upon as a source of energy. Make sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables.

There are a number of food items which control blood sugar. Increase the intake of such foods.

There is no need to totally quit eating foods that have fats and sugar. With adequate diet management, it is very much possible to eat your cake and have it too.