Diabetes Diet

A List Of Foods For Diabetic To Eat

If a person is diabetic, it does not mean he cannot eat anything, and that his diet plan should be very restricted. It is only that a diabetic needs to eat healthy, with a set quantity, at regular intervals, and should not overstuff. He can have little amount of everything which definitely needs to be confirmed by a dietician as nutritional needs depends from body to body, depending on one’s age, size, sex, level of physical activity and hid blood glucose levels.

Before mentioning any particular list, it is rather important to know that the diet of a diabetic should be basically low in fat, sugar and salt, with more of fruits and vegetables and meals based on starchy foods. It can be in the following way:

For starch – potatoes, breads, cereals, rice, pasta, beans, wholegrain, and whole-wheat.
(Starch is important as it keeps the blood glucose levels steady)

Fruits – any and every fruit, mainly whole fruits due to fibre than juices without additional sweeteners, banana and citrus fruits.

Vegetables – fresh, dark green and deep yellow in color like, spinach, broccoli, and carrot.

Milk and yogurt – skimmed milk can be taken and yogurt without additional flavors.

Meat and others – fish and poultry products is recommended over other non-vegetarian products. But, should be taken after removing all the necessary fat from it. Thus, baked boiled or roasted should be preferred over fried due to extra fat.

Fats, sweets and alcohol - .it is not that a diabetic cannot go for even a little amount of fats, sweets, and alcohol. All of them can be taken, but in limited amount as a part of a healthy diet plan. Saturated fat is recommended, with safe amount of alcohol which can be taken with food and overstuffing should be avoided.

The above list of food provided covers all the necessary input which a diabetic patient requires. Even though the dose depends from body to body depending upon one’s size, age, sex and physical activity, still, a dietician should be recommended for the best results.