Diabetes Diet

Appropriate Diet for Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a disorder where the blood sugar levels in the body fall down below normal. The symptoms of hypoglycemia are similar to other diseases like fatigue and stroke. Therefore it’s very difficult to predict hypoglycemia.

Once after blood sugar tests, it is confirmed that the person is suffering from hypoglycemia, the doctor would prescribe medications and diet plans to increase the sugar level in the blood. There are few medicines which are prescribed for this ailment. The best thing that should be done, while a person is hypoglycemic, is to give him a diet which is suitable for hypoglycemia.

A diet rich in carbohydrates and other glucose, supplying supplements is the best preferred diet for hypoglycemia patients. The medically recommended hypoglycemia diet is as follows.

Foods containing simple carbohydrates like sugar, honey, corn syrup, fruits and milk  are recommended as the first option in treating hypoglycemia. The simple sugar present in such a diet can be easily metabolized and absorbed by the body in a short span of time. When a patient is suffering from hypoglycemia, the objective is to increase the level of blood sugar in as short a time and as smoothly as is possible.

Concentrated sweets like soft drinks, table sugar, ice cream, cookies, candies, cakes etc. also contain simple sugar or carbohydrates. These can also be given at regular intervals for gradual increase of the sugar level in the blood.

When the sugar level increases after one or two days, the diet should contain proteins and complex carbohydrates. The nutrients for basic source of energy are derived from these food sources since it breaks down slowly, and thus the increase of the sugar level is gradual. The foods recommended under this diet plan are-Pasta, potatoes, grains, whole wheat bread for carbohydrates. For protein, patients can take legumes, nuts, meat, eggs and chicken.

It is also recommended that  hypoglycemic patients  take the advice of a  doctor or nutritionist in formulating a diet plan.