Diabetes Diet

Best Diet For Insulin Resistance

Diet plays an important role in diabetes treatment. If you are obese and overweight, your risk of getting diabetes doubles. So, controlling your diet can be the key to reducing the risk of diabetes as well as improving your diabetes symptoms if you are already affected by it. For further details, read Diet And Diabetes

Now, what is diabetes? Diabetes involves a certain malfunction in a way that our bodies make use of glucose in the blood. It is either exists when there is too much glucose in our blood because we eat too much food rich in sugar so that the hormone responsible for regulating glucose "insulin" is unable to cope with it. This is popularly known as sugar diabetes. The best diet for insulin resistance is free of fats, sweets, and alcohol and other generally unhealthy foods which are minimized in diabetes recipe.

The Diabetes Food Pyramid, released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is composed of six food groups arranged according to how much you should eat from the least to the most and based on carbohydrate and protein content. They are:

1) Fats, sweets, and alcohol
2) Milk
3) Meat, meat substitutes, and other proteins
4) Fruits
5) Vegetables
6) Grains, beans, and starchy vegetables

Fats, sweets, and alcohol are the one food group that diabetes patients should avoid in best diet for insulin resistance.

Another thing, "no-sugar added" means no sugar was added during the manufacture and packaging of the foods. The recipes diabetes do not include sugar. Fat-free foods could still mean that they contain lots of carbohydrates. Often, they contain almost the same amount of calories as the foods they replace. So, be sure to pay attention to the label. Buying fat-free foods instead of regular foods does not mean that you are making a wise choice. If you keep track of diabetes information, you can still improve upon symptoms of diabetes and promote diabetes care.