Diabetes Diet

Some Common Infections in Diabetes

Diabetes is not just a self contained disease. It comes with a number of other problems and it can aggravate a number of other problems. For the people who have diabetes, infections are one of the major concerns. This is because even a minor infection can become major (sometimes even fatal) issue in diabetics. If you are suffering from the diabetes, you should be particularly concerned about diabetes related problems.

A multi-sided attack
If you are diabetic, you must know that diabetes and infection can both directly interact to worsen your problems and at the same time,  diabetes can induce such conditions, in which any kind of infection would end you up in trouble. Consider the case of people in whom diabetes causes nerve damage, reduces the blood flow in body, etc. This is in addition to the fact that diabetes directly attacks the immune system of human body.

What is the risk involved?
You must understand that the magnitude of damage caused by infection in people with diabetes is alarming. Across the globe, medical research centers have conducted various studies to prove this. While an infection does not lead to high mortality rate in people who are diabetic, the overall time required for rest and recovery by such people is a matter of concern.

Infections that you are most vulnerable to
For the people who are diabetic, having proper information beforehand is necessary. You must know that the infection can come from anywhere. In a number of cases, infection has come from the very thing that is supposed to save your life, your injection of insulin. It is a way in which harmful bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus can enter your body.

Another infection you must be aware of is the yeast infection of Candida albicans. This yeast occurs in mouth, nose and other mucous membranes naturally. If its production gets out of control, it can cause a number of problem. In the people who are diabetic, there is a big risk of Candida interfering with the white blood cells and causing yeast infection.

The problems are so wide spread that they can even impact your feet. This generally occurs due to Diabetic Neuropathy. You may consider it as the literal case of having cold feet. The feet of a person who is suffering this problem go numb. In some cases, this results in injuries to the foot which the person just might not be aware of. If not treated in time, these injuries can cause many types of infections, each one of which is very harmful.

Infection Avoidance and Treatment
In order to make sure that you do not get an infection, you have to be very careful. Make sure that your insulin syringe is clean and that you take good care of your feet. If you still get an infection, you must get in touch with a doctor to decide further course of action.