Diabetes Diet

What Role Does Oatmeal Play in Managing Diabetes?

There are numerous foods that are beneficial for diabetics. One such food is the good oatmeal. Several health experts advice oatmeal as an integral part of the diabetic diet. Eating oatmeal as a part of daily diet has several health benefits for diabetics.

The logic behind using oatmeal for diabetics is simple. Oatmeal has a lower glycemic index, which means that it takes longer to turn into sugar and get absorbed by the blood stream. Thus, it prevents a hike in your sugar levels. Further on, oatmeal is rich in fiber that keeps you satiated for a long time and enables you to eat less. They also have a low calorific value which is a good thing for diabetics.

It is true that oatmeal can help control diabetes, but not every type of oatmeal is just as good. The instant oatmeal or the cold cereal that you have for breakfast is not what you need to control diabetes. Instead, it is the traditional oatmeal that is cooked slowly that helps control diabetes.

If you are considering oatmeal to treat diabetes then steel cut oats are the advised option. Steel cut oats are whole grain oats i.e. the inner part of the oat kernel. These groats are rather chunky and are cut into only two or three pieces. Steel Cut oats are golden in color and resemble rice. The instant oatmeal that you get nowadays does not help much to control your blood sugar levels.

Several studies and researches state that steel cut oats if taken twice a month can significantly reduce the blood sugar levels. It not just lowers your blood sugar levels but also maintains them for a month. Now, this is something that you cannot achieve even with the best of medication.

Cook it up
As a child you have always hated oatmeal for its weird taste and there no wonder if you hate it still. It is true that oatmeal is not one of the tastiest things but nevertheless you can cook up this tasteless thing in creative ways to dish out a nice meal.

One of the things that you can do is add apple and cinnamon. The flavor of cinnamon is sure to add to the taste of oatmeal. You can also use apples along with cinnamon for a healthier and tastier meal.

Adding sugar free maple syrup is another thing that you can do to enhance the taste of oatmeal. If you are creative enough you can even mix up oatmeal with various vegetables and make nice roasted cutlets.

There is a lot that you can do with oatmeal by using the 'Mix and match' philosophy.