Diabetes Diet

Diabetic Diet Sample

Usually doctors keep samples of diets suitable for diabetics. These are given to diabetics and are a guide which helps the patient to formulate meal plans for themselves. Diet management plays an important role in controlling diabetes. Diabetes are of three types- Type I, type II and gestational diabetes. The disease is related to complications of blood sugar level when the body produces less amount of insulin or no insulin at all. The diabetes in which the body produces no insulin is called diabetes type I and when the body produces less amount of insulin is called diabetes type II. Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy.

Diabetes is a condition which is characterized by a lack of or resistance to insulin. As a result, the glucose level in the blood increases and goes above normal. Presence of excessive sugar in blood is alarming for many other reasons. It has a number of undesirable side-effects and creates undesirable complications.

Diet is one of the most critical of factors in the management of the disease. A diabetic diet sample introduces a patient with the calorie requirement of a day and the food that one can take to meet the requirements. It contains every detail of the calories, sugar level and the benefits. The diet plan has sections of breakfast, lunch, dinner and other small servings. Here's a specimen of diabetic diet sample:

Two breads or 6 ounces of corn flakes along with a slice of toast
One or half of a banana
A cup of skimmed milk

Two or three ounces of meat like sliced turkey breast or stewed beef
Two slices of bread.
Two to three ounces of vegetable salad

One slice of whole wheat bread One piece of meat with  low fat cottage cheese
Two to three ounces of vegetable salad

Like this, the sample would mention all the servings with the recommended diet or alike. Following a diet as per sample, controls the blood sugar level and the patient remains risk free.