Diabetes Diet

Diabetic Diets must contain not less than 1,500 Calorie!

The diabetic diet need not necessarily be completely without fats and sugar. There is a general rule for diabetic diet, that is it may have all kinds of foods but intake of calories is most important and should be kept in strict observation. You need to be all the more strict in case you have obesity along with diabetes.

To regulate diabetes, you need to have a right kind of food in right quantity. You should have two or three pieces of bread in the breakfast and can have half a cup of cornflakes with milk. A banana, an apple or an orange can be added. In case you need varied taste, you can supplement cornflakes and milk with three to four slices of bacon.

In lunch, you can have meat in the form of turkey slices. A few pieces of baked ham or a roasted chicken may be included. In case you love beef, you should have three fourths of a cup of beef noodles. You also need a lunch palette along with beef noodles. It should contain one slice of bread. Also do have a portion of low fat mayonnaise. You can conclude this complete lunch package with one serving of vegetable. The variations in daily pattern of vegetables may help you to get the variety in food. Zucchini may be a good option to add along with tomato slices with half of baked potato. This may be had with beans and carrot on the other day.

The diabetic case can celebrate a beautiful afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee. A good snack with two to three crackers may also be added. He can also have a single muffin. The patient can also have a cup of skimmed milk instead of tea or coffee. A piece of gingerbread along with skimmed milk may be a good idea and he is also free to have a slice of fruit cake as well. If he likes yogurt, he can have a cup of it instead of tea or milk.
The dinner of diabetic may contain 2 to 3 ounces of boiled fish. Generally, the fish should be salmon or tuna. He is at liberty to have de-skinned boiled chicken or roast beef.

Diabetes is called a royal disease by nature. The person can live a long life if he maintains disciplined lifestyle.