Diabetes Diet

Diabetic Menus

There are a number of aspects of Diabetes management such as diet plan, exercise, changes of life style and medications. Amongst these, the diet plan is most important. Diet has an integral part to play as part of the food that we eat is converted into glucose and is added to the blood stream. It is about the body's capability to utilize the glucose, produced after digestion of food.

Diabetic menus include food items along with their calories. The menus prepared or advised are based on the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association. It is all about taking a balanced diet. A balanced diet one needs to take, if one is suffering from diabetes. The diet contains less carbohydrates and fats, but more fibers and proteins. A diet menu for diabetic patients should be specifically personalized. If you are diabetic, it would be a good idea to have an appointment with a dietitian to get the diabetic menus for you.

The dietitian would make a diabetic menu of the following kind:

Breakfast Menus will have bran cereals, strawberries, fruits, whole bread, fat-free milk and others.

Snack Menu will include fruit or vegetable salads.

Lunch Menus will have beef servings, chicken items, grain rolls, a medium size apple, some sugar free tea or coffee.

Evening Snack Menu will have sweetened yogurt, sunflower seeds, and some other items.

Dinner Menu will carry white fish items, whole wheat couscous, and green salads with reduced fat dressing.

Patients can get diabetic menus through other sources as well such as Internet and books related to diabetes written by expert doctors, apart from going to a dietitian. There are free sites on Internet which provide diabetic menus. All you need to do is search the website and find the sites. Then you need to write the details of your body structure, diabetes type, medications etc. Then the site owners will send you the diabetic menu to you through your e mail within 48 hours.