Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetic Diet

Gestational diabetes is associated with pregnant women. A balanced diet, as we all know, is of paramount importance for a mother to be. It, quite obviously, gains further importance in case of gestational diabetes. A mother is a mother long before she brings her little one in the world. Perhaps, right from the day the child is conceived- not only in her body but also in her mind. When she holds the little life in her womb, she ceases to be a girl or even a woman and transforms into a full time mother.    

She constantly thinks about the baby and eats not just what she likes but also what her child needs. Her own concerns become subordinate to those of the growing child. In case of gestational diabetes, it is necessary to know the signs beforehand so that appropriate medical precautions could be taken without delay. You may not know what diabetes is, you may not have a family history of diabetes, and yet you may suffer from gestational diabetes. If at present your body is unable to convert sugar properly, you are diabetic.

Interestingly, gestational diabetes disappears after the delivery only to reappear when you conceive again. Relax. There is nothing to be feared about this kind of diabetes. No hard medication is required either. But do take the advice of your physician for a proper course of diet, and listen to him carefully when he tells you what has to be eaten by you and what not. He will give you a list of the food items that are likely to cause problems for you. It is better to avoid them.

Since the causes of the gestational diabetes are not known, it is very difficult for any physician to suggest a sure shot cure. All that could be suggested would comprise of following a proper diet routine. It is again difficult to say, eat this and this alone. But pungent, oily, deep fried, hard to digest, too much of sweets, are best avoided. You will get lots of books to guide you on your food intake from your physician, and he would definitely offer suggestions as to what you must eat, depending upon your peculiar conditions. But, seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits should do you no harm. In order to ensure that you don't suffer from constipation, take lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Take exercise as a part of your diet. Here again, a word of caution– there are specific exercises for the pregnant women. You need to do only those exercises. Walking in the garden is good for your overall health. In some parts of Southern India, pregnant woman eat raw coconut, during the entire period of their pregnancy. All those vegetables that are good in the treatment of diabetes are also fine as part of your diet during gestational diabetes.