Diabetes Diet

Glucose Tolerance

If you develop glucose tolerance, it means happy acceptance of another fact. You are on the verge of perfectly controlling your diabetic condition and the disease is now in line with your commands.

Let it be clearly understood that any deficiency in the human body is mainly due to dietary deficiency. Therefore, to overcome this deficiency, the glucose level in the blood needs to be normalized. Chromium has a great role to play in helping the pancreas produce more insulin. Viewed from this angle, researchers have found that Brewer's yeast benefits diabetic patients by lowering the insulin requirements.

More research on fruits and vegetables that help the level of glucose tolerance has enabled them to cast light on more of such items. One of them is Broccoli. It looks like cauliflower and is one of the most popular food items in the European countries. Rich in chromium, it reduces blood sugar. Medication and insulin requirements of the diabetic patients are taken care of. Also, in case of low blood pressure, chromium helps in normalizing the sugar levels. Another suitable food item is the curd, which not only stimulates the pancreas but also washes it of toxic wastes. This helps pancreas in proper production of insulin.

Garlic, Bengal Gram, Bitter Gourd, Black Gram, Ground Nut etc, if taken regularly, help the body in glucose tolerance. It is also an established fact now that bitter melon capsules are effective in lowering the blood sugar. Scientific studies have confirmed that fresh juice of bitter melon helps lower the blood sugar level.

About 32 constituents have been identified in bitter melon. It is also rich in potassium, calcium, iron and beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C.

Your body has fallen prey to diabetes possibly because of weak tolerance, and is not all that capable of putting up a serious resistance. And diabetes, being a disease as strong as it is, can lay you down unless some stiff resistance is put to it. It involves medication, natural treatments and other positive steps with regard to diet and physical exercises. So, all the above steps must be taken to strengthen your body. Make your body stronger, as a strong internal glucose tolerance is the only effective answer to diabetes!