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Check Your Holiday Eating To Keep Your Diabetes In Control

As soon as the holiday season steps in, it is time for you to gorge on cookies and cakes. The result is the by the end of the festive season your sugar levels go haywire. But you really do not have to let that happen. You can keepĀ  your sugar levels in control during the festive season as well. Here are some tips that can help you with the same.

Set your rules
This is the first thing that you need to do to control binge eating during the holiday season. No one is going to stuff anything in your mouth. Decide for yourself how much you want to eat. You could set rules like only one or two cookies per day. Make sure that you don't just set rules but abide by them too.

Count your splurge days
As the holiday season steps in, there will be too many occasions for you to indulge. Count these days and mark them as the "splurge days". Now try to figure out if you can avoid indulging yourself on any of these splurge days. You can prioritize as to when you cannot avoid eating and when you can. This will make sure that you are not eating all the time.

Avoid the free sweets
During the festive season, you will have countless places offering you some sweet things for free. Many stores hand out free chocolate bares or keep a jar of cane as thanks giving. Since it is not mandatory for you to eat these, simply avoid them.

Dodge it away
During the holiday season, many will insist you to eat the chocolates or the cookies they prepared with so much love. Stop refusing what is being offered. Instead take it and compliment what is being served. Walk away quickly after taking it and hand it to the first person you see. Make sure that you are not tempted to gorge on it.

Celebrate the festival and not food
The festive season is not just about food. It means plenty of other things as well like meeting your loved ones, caroling, playing games, decorating the house, shopping and so much more. Enjoy these activities and keep your attention away from food.

Get your own low sugar recipe
Festivals mean you have to eat. So, why not prepare your own low sugar recipe and carry it to the get together? So, you will have a low sugar food item that will help manage your blood sugar levels well.

With these tips in mind, you will certainly be able to have a controlled sugar level even after the festive season gets over.